"(Cimas Restaurant), like many other restaurants elected in different parts of the world, played an important role in the History of this Country."

Alfredo Hervías Y Mendizábal, in Independente

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José Manuel Cima Sobral, the soul of this House was born in the Sobral Portela family who, in the beginning of the 20th century, moved from the Spanish province of Pontevedra to Lisbon.

Today, he is still responsible for Cimas Restaurant, taking care of it, as if it was one of his children. Yet, he is no longer alone for at his side stands his daughter, Sara Sobral, who promises to follow in her father’s footsteps.


In 1941, a bar was open by Horace Bass (an English man). Overlooking the Marginal of Cascais and with an excellent view of the bay, it was, during the Second World War, the balcony of the many spies, living in the area.

Francisco Cima Barreiro then acquired the English Bar in 1952. Since 1960 his son, José Manuel Cima, took the leadership of the place.

Don Juan de Borbon, representing the Spanish Royal Family, frequently used the dining room of the restaurant as if it was his own, gathering there the most prestigious opponents to Franco’s regime.

At Cimas’s tables sat some of the greatest celebrities of this country. Every year, Marcello Caetano (Portuguese Prime Minister) would celebrate there his birthday with his family.


Francisco Sá Carneiro (Portuguese Prime Minister) worked there, many afternoons, at one of the tables, and is remembered as one of the finest gourmets. Once, around the same table, Mário Soares (Portuguese President) sat together Leopold Senghor, Carlos Andrés Perez, Willy Brandt and Eden Pastora, the famous “Commander Zero”.

Novelists like Gonzalo Torrente Ballester and Jorge Amado saw their inspiration enhanced by the breathtaking scenery of the restaurant, while indulging on a good meal. Today, Portuguese public figures like Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa (Politician and Lawyer), Luís Noronha da Costa (Painter) and Miguel Sousa Tavares (Journalist), amongst many others are the clientele of the recently renamed Cimas Restaurant, seizing the timelessness of a true institution, where every day is a new beginning, like in those old times of tension and glamour that made History of the II World War in Estoril.