"… Where one may eat of the finest ...
It is unique in every aspect."

Maria de Lourdes Modesto (Gourmet and Culinary Opinion Leader), in Preguiça (Jan. 2001)

Quem Somos
Mapa / Localização

The cuisine wonders the clientele, who may chose several house specialties, ranging from traditional Portuguese food to international and refined dishes .We may single out the Baked Sea-Bass with Clams, the Cray Fish au gratin, and the game specialties like the Hare with Butter Beans or the emblematic Woodcock Flambé.

The Wine Cellar, with 20.000 bottles, is a priceless treasure, where all wine regions are thoroughly represented, bearing the most important vineyards and some novelties. Impossible to miss.


Escargots Bourguignonne  
Shrimp Cocktail  
Smoked Sword Fish  
Smoked Salmon  
Hot or Cold Spargus  
Baby Eals With Garlic  
Shrimp With Vinagrettesauce  
Melon With Smoked Ham  
Fried Frog Legs  
Fried Scampi w/ Cocktail Sauce  
Fried Shrimps With Garlic  
Shrimp Curry  
Coquille Thermidor  
Gratinedcray Fish  
Clams Marinheira or Bolhão Pato  
Chicken Curry  
Lamb Kidney With Madeira Wine  
Shiskebab Oriental  
Breaded Veal Filets  
Filet Steak English-Bar  
Rump Steak With Mushrooms  
Veal Filets À La Crème  
Carré of Grilled Lamb  
Pork Filet W/ Garlic and Coriander  
Saté (Indonesian dish)  
Roasted Partridge
Vinagrette Partridge
Hare W/ Butter Beans
Hunt Stew W/ Broad Beans
Woodcock Flambé
Game Sausage W/ Green Sprouts
Baked Sea-Bass W/ Clams [Speciality]
Sole Meuniere
Grilled Squid W/ Bacon
Salt Cod Fish Casserole [Speciality]
Poached Stone W/ Hollandaise Sauce
Monkfish on the Split W/ Prawns and Squids
Poached Salmon w/ hollandaise sauce
Crepes Suzette
Bananne Flambé
Blater Tarte
Chocolat Cake
Almond Cake
Nuts Mousse
Eggs Rolls
Serra Cheese
Natural Pineapple
Ice Cream